Image-Ad develops easy-to-deploy android-based mobile phone application that facilitates easy development of data collection tools on android mobile phone. The system is built on geo-referenced database which allows organizations to collect data from the field at minimal cost using cell phone or Tablets. The system, a client/server, consists of a mobile (client) application which allows enumerators to send data in different locations using mobile device. The data is sent to the web platform containing considerable amount of details relating to the enumerator on real-time basis. In cases where there are no network signals from the mobile phone operators, the data is stored and sent later when the enumerator moves to network coverage area. 

The web platform allows users to access the data sent by enumerators from the web browsers anywhere in the world. The platform has the following capabilities;

  • Validate data sent by enumerators
  • Manage contacts
  • Manage Enumerators
  • Manage Group users
  • Send SMS broadcast
  • Send Email
  • Generate custom analyses in maps, graphs and cross tables
  • Export data to Word or Excel

 SMS Survey

Our SMS survey platform allows organizations to conduct simple survey to large clients or smallholder farmers.



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We have provided cutting-edge mobile phone-based applications to a number of local and international organizations. Through close collaboration with International Non Governmental organizations our mobile platform is being used in over 17 countries in Africa which is providing reliable and efficient system of sending data from the field.

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Image-AD offers great services in custom Computer programming. We strive to offer the best solution for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. If you want a partner who really cares about your business, choose Image-AD. We take pride in delivering desired solutions while meeting schedules. 

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