Agricultural input supply companies are using ICT applications in a variety of ways to improve the products, services, and support they provide to farmers. Using mobile phones and SMS, for example, they have been able to expand their distribution channels to more remote rural areas and offer products and services to farmers that were not available to them before.

Image-AD's mFarms platform has allowed agribusiness owners like farmers, agro dealers, aggregators etc to establish and manage rural agent networks that facilitate farmer access to products, services, and technical support to provide farmers and agro dealers with incentives to try out new and improved products.

Input supply companies in Ghana and in other African countries are beginning to use rural sales agents as a means of promoting their products and services with farmers in more remote rural areas. By identifying, training, and providing incentives to individuals in rural areas that can represent their company, sell their products, and provide technical support to farmers in the use of those products, input supply companies are tapping into new markets and expanding their businesses through Image-ADs products.

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We have provided cutting-edge mobile phone-based applications to a number of local and international organizations. Through close collaboration with International Non Governmental organizations our mobile platform is being used in over 17 countries in Africa which is providing reliable and efficient system of sending data from the field.

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Image-AD offers great services in custom Computer programming. We strive to offer the best solution for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. If you want a partner who really cares about your business, choose Image-AD. We take pride in delivering desired solutions while meeting schedules. 

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